Bring a bit of magic to the party this Halloween with soft toy gifts designed to give them a frightfully fun time. From wild, wandering wolves to super-fast bats that only come out in the dead of night, our animal soft toys make the perfect alternative to sweets and chocolates.

Sweets disappear in a matter of days (or minutes) and aren't something they can keep forever. Plus, let's face it, the last thing your kids need this Halloween is more sugar. So why not choose Halloween gifts that will last past October 31 and get them a forever friend from the Living Nature range.

Gifts for all ages...

Whether you're looking for baby's first cuddly toy or need something unusual for the animal lover who already has an extensive collection, there's sure to be animal friends to appeal to them. Made with super soft plush to the very highest safety standards, our animal friends are made for little hands to hold. Who knows, you could be introducing baby to their new forever friend! Our animal friends make perfect gifts for older kids too, inspiring them to learn more about their new buddy and giving them the best ideas for imaginative play. Our animals make the perfect adventure partners, playmates and bedtime buddies. Because what's better for scaring the monsters out from under the bed than a tiger, polar bear or T-Rex snuggled up beside you? 

The closest you'll get to the real thing

Keeping exotic animals in your back garden isn't an option for most people and some of us struggle to even make room for a dog, cat or budgerigar in our home. But with Living Nature friends, any animal can make the perfect pet. All the creatures in our collection are carefully designed right down to the very last detail to make them so realistic you could be forgiven for thinking they're the real thing. Some even make noises that make your pets even more realistic. Perfect if your family is pestering you for a pet but you want to give yourself some time to check it's the right thing to do. Living Nature animal gifts make the perfect practice pet, plus you can take them with you wherever you go. Because not everyone wants you to bring a budgie, a guinea pig or a rat into the office.