A Plushie Is Forever


If there’s one thing the little ones can never put down, it’s their soft toys. Whether it’s the softest, silkiest teddy or the one that hasn’t been able to be washed yet, we all know how difficult it is to separate any child from their plushie.

The same can be said with adults, too. From a young age, we can build an inseparable attachment to our teddies that still stay with us in our later lives, but why does this happen?

Forever Friend

Before anything else, a stuffed animal becomes any child's first friend. Their relationship is made up of unconditional love that only the little one and their stuffie understand. It’s there for them through the good times and the not-so-good times (like being alone or the dark), so becomes a safety blanket that’s always there. Through this, the child can learn how relationships and emotions work, which has a huge impact on their development throughout life.

Relationships are vital for young children growing up and learning the ways of the world. A soft toy helps them to understand them a lot easier and introduces them to empathy and social interactions. Children love to play make-believe, and practice this on all their plushies. In doing so, they’re practicing for real life situations so they know how to create boundaries and learn about praise and forgiveness. This forms a deeper connection between the child and their stuffie because they’ve created so many amazing memories together, which makes the teddy that bit more sentimental.


Any plushie, whether it’s a gift or not, has a memory behind it. It might be from that person who means a lot to you, or from that place you had so much fun visiting. Whatever the reason, it always stays with the teddy and becomes their happy place, reminder and comforter all rolled into one.
It’s the happy memories and feeling safe that make the bond between anyone and their plushie that much stronger. They go to them in times of need, when they need a pick-me-up and when they just want a cuddle.

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