Eco Friendly Soft Toys

Buying eco-friendly gifts for a child who loves nature can be tough, especially when the latest must-have toys are all made from natural resource-heavy plastic. But green toys for animal lovers do exist, and they're right here in the Living Nature range. 

Made with a passion for wildlife, our range helps kids and adults alike learn more about the diverse species that share our planet. Plus toys with the Naturli leaf tag are filled with recycled post-consumer PET plastic to create the perfect gift for little eco warriors and grown up greenies alike. Plus, they'll love their new friend so much they'll keep it forever, making your choice even more eco friendly.

Made with post-consumer plastic filling

At Living Nature, we're committed to doing things as sustainably as possible and that's why we created Naturli. Being more Naturli is all about caring for our environment and teaching children (and adults) about animals and their habitats through play with engaging, eco friendly toys. If your soft toy comes with a Naturli leaf shaped tag then you know we've used recycled post-consumer PET plastic when it was created.  This plastic comes from used drinks bottles and other food containers that might otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans so our choice of materials has a positive impact on the planet. By choosing a toy with the Naturli label you can feel happy knowing you've gone with an ethical, sustainable choice that's also lots of fun.

Green toys for wildlife warriors

Need a gift for a wildlife enthusiast who loves learning about their favourite species? Our animal toys come from a range of habitats across the world and we think they're the closest to the real thing you'll ever find. So realistic but oh-so-snuggly, our planet friendly toys make the perfect playmates - ideal for acting out wild scenarios and scaring the monsters out from under the bed. From endangered orangutans to shy seals, lone polar bears to fantastic flamingos with pretty pink feathers, there are so many beautiful toys to choose from that they'll love learning more about. All our toys come in fun, ethically produced packaging so your new friend stays safe on their journey to their new home, and it can all be recycled at home for extra green points.