Jobs for Dogs


Why do we use dogs for important jobs?

There’s no denying dogs make great pets – we’ve been keeping them in our homes and treating them like part of the family for centuries.

But dogs can be more than just loyal companions. Many dogs have important jobs to do, helping support people in need and keeping us safe.

  1. Service dogs

Service dogs help people with everyday tasks and often support people with disabilities. Guide dogs help people with visual impairments to navigate the world, keeping them safe when they’re out and about, while disability support dogs can help people with jobs like fetching the post, getting dressed and doing simple jobs around the house. Some can even detect when their owner is going to be ill. And they don’t just offer practical support – service dogs form strong bonds with their owners and provide emotional support and friendship too.

Service dogs are often breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds due to their gentle nature and ability to learn.

  1. Therapy dogs

Therapy dogs help people of all ages to feel happy and calm through companionship, cuddles and fun. Often used in hospitals, care homes and nurseries, these dogs don’t have any special skills other than being calm, cuddly and great company.

Any kind of dog can be a therapy dog as long as they’ve got the right personality, but smaller breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Chihuahuas and Cavapoos are great to cuddle.

  1. Rescue dogs

Dogs have a great sense of smell and this makes them great in rescue situations. Whether they’re looking for someone lost in the mountains or trying to find people trapped in a building, rescue dogs are specially trained to sniff people out and lead their handlers to help. Rescue dogs have been used in war zones for centuries, often putting their own lives in danger to help people.

Rescue dogs have to be easy to train and obedient, so you’ll often find breeds like Border Collies and German Shepherds coming to the rescue.

  1. Security dogs

Dogs are an important part of the police force, helping officers chase down and restrain people who pose a threat. They’re trained to be calm under pressure but are loyal to their handlers, keeping them safe when they need to. You might also see dogs working in places like airports and patrolling with security guards, to act as an extra deterrent to anyone who might be thinking about doing something they shouldn’t.

German Shepherds are probably the most common type of security dog, due to their wolf-like looks, size and loyalty to their handlers.

  1. Herding dogs

Farmers have been using dogs for centuries to herd their livestock and keep order on the farm. Herding dogs are trained to respond to specific commands, with each command controlling a specific move, and there are even competitions for farmers and their sheep dogs to enter.

The most common breed of herding dog is the Border Collie, which was original bred in the Scottish borders specifically to herd livestock. Hence the name!

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