Our Commitment To Naturli and the Environment


How Living Nature is making soft toys more sustainable

Single use plastic is a serious problem for our planet. By 2050, there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish and despite an increased focus on recycling, it’s a problem we all need to be doing more to address.

But it’s not just about recycling your rubbish and switching to bags for life when we do our shopping. We all need to be making smarter, more sustainable decisions about what we buy, and the brands we buy from.

Living Nature is committed to making soft toys in a more sustainable way, to limit the impact our furever friends have on the habitats they come from. So, we introduced the Naturli range – a collection of animals made with recycled materials – to limit the impact we’re having on the planet and encourage our customers to make more sustainable decisions in everything they buy.

Our Naturli range is stuffed with recycled single use PET plastic, made up mostly from plastic drinks bottles and food containers which otherwise could have ended up in our oceans. Currently 93 per cent of our soft toys are made with recycled plastic and our aim is to get this to 100 per cent by the end of 2021. It’s all part of our root to branch commitment to making soft toys in a more sustainable way.

Being more Naturli is all about caring for our environment, and teaching children and adults about the importance of protecting animals and their habitats through education and play. And Naturli isn’t the only way we’re supporting the planet. By providing information about the animals in our collection, we aim to educate and engage animal lovers of all ages on the importance of protecting wild species and the places they live, so they do all they can to protect our planet now and in the future.

Did you know… the average piece of single use plastic is actively used for about 15 minutes, but can take up to 500 years to degrade.

How can you reduce the amount of single use plastics in the environment

  • Recycle as much packaging as you can through your local household rubbish collection
  • Reduce the amount of single use plastic you use by carrying a reusable water bottle instead of buying drinks and choosing products that don’t use excessive packaging
  • Take a reusable cup to your favourite coffee shop instead of using a disposable one
  • Buy loose fruit and veg at the supermarket instead of pre-packed, or visit your local refill or weigh store and reuse containers you already have
  • Get your milk delivered instead of buying a plastic bottle at the supermarket. Your milkman will collect it from your doorstep and it’ll be cleaned and filled up again.
  • Look for the Naturli label every time you buy from Living Nature to ensure your new best friend is made in the most sustainable way possible.

Looking for a more sustainable soft toy? Shop the Naturli range at Living Nature now.