Why imaginative play is good for your child’s development


The next time you feel like adding to your child’s toy collection, think carefully about your choice. All toys are not equal. They can have a profound effect on how your child sees the world.

Find Some New Friends


Fluffy kittens, wide-eyed puppies, soft and cuddly bunny rabbits. There’s a reason why children love animal toys so much. But what should you look for if you want to inspire imaginative play and why do they need it?


Imaginative play has all the benefits

Animal toys can help children learn social skills and develop empathy. They can also help educate children about eco and animal knowledge and allow role play for social situations and caring for an animal. Pretending is one way of children understanding everything they are experiencing – and imagining the possibilities. They are able to work out big feelings, friendships and explore the relationships with other human beings and animals. All this makes animal soft toys a great choice for children of any gender.




Realism counts

Experts agree that playing with realistic toys in imaginative play helps children understand the role that comes with caring for animals. The best pretend play toys are those they recognise. Simple props and the seed of an idea allow them to explore new places. When it comes to imaginative play with animal soft toys, keep things simple. Props like bowls and real food allow children to explore how to care for the animal and understand their natural habitat.


Mix things up

A variety of animals is the key to your child experiencing new habitats and worlds. From the dinosaurs to the Serengeti, rainforest parrots to farmyard piglets, it all counts in the discovery of the world.


Soft Animal Toys To Inspire Pretend Play

Our beautifully crafted and realistically detailed animal soft toys not only bring joy and comfort to animal lovers around the world, but also share with them some of nature’s amazing wildlife secrets.

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